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About 2021 Population Census


It is an established practice in Hong Kong to conduct a population census every ten years and a population by-census in the middle of the intercensal period. The next population census will be conducted in 2021. The aim is to provide up-to-date benchmark statistics on the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the population and on its geographical distribution. Such statistics are vital to the Government for planning and policy formulation. It is also important to the private sector and academia for business and research purposes.

Survey Design

The 2021 Population Census will comprise a simple enumeration on about nine-tenths of households in Hong Kong to provide basic information (e.g. year and month of birth and sex) and a detailed enquiry on the remaining one-tenth on a broad range of demographic and socio-economic characteristics. Therefore, two types of questionnaire, namely the “Short Form” and the “Long Form”, will be used.

The “Short Form”, which will be used in the simple enumeration, covers only some basic questions. On the other hand, the “Long Form”, which will be used in the detailed sample enquiry, includes not only those questions covered in the “Short Form”, but also additional ones related to the socio-economic characteristics of the population and the characteristics of households and quarters. Taking together the common information collected in both the “Short Form” and “Long Form” will give the complete enumeration results on the basic characteristics of the population. It will also form the basis for estimation of the detailed socio-economic characteristics collected through the “Long Form”.