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An email has been sent to some eligible applicants to invite them to register an account on the “Online Notice Board” (ONB). Please check your email and follow the instructions. You may also click the below link to visit the ONB.

“Online Notice Board” (ONB) for the 2021 Population Census


(1) Chief Enumerator

(2) Chief Enumerator (Special Area)

(3) Checker

(4) Enumerator

(5) Enumerator (Special Area)

(6) Enumerator (Census Service Centre)

(7) Centre Assistant

All of the above positions are non-civil service vacancies.

Online Exercises, Selection Interview and Training:

If you are shortlisted, you will be asked to attend selection interview and / or complete online exercise(s) on our “Online Notice Board” (ONB). Higher scorers on the online exercise(s) and selection interview will be provisionally appointed and invited to attend the general training. Results will be announced before the end of April 2021 tentatively. Those who do not receive any notification before July may assume that their applications are unsuccessful. For applicants who are provisionally employed, they must attend all training sessions, amounting to 16 hours, and with satisfactory performance in order to equip themselves with the necessary job knowledge and skills. General training has been tentatively scheduled for late-May or early-June, while refresher training will be organised within a week before the employment begins. The tentative training schedule is as follows:

Position General Training Refresher Training
Chief Enumerator Late May or early June 2021 Late May or early June 2021 15.7.2021 (Thursday)
Chief Enumerator (Special Area) Late May or early June 2021 15.7.2021 (Thursday)
Checker Late May or early June 2021 16.7.2021 (Friday)
Enumerator Late May or early June 2021 16.7.2021 (Friday)
(Special Area)
Late May or early June 2021 16.7.2021 (Friday)
(Census Service Centre)
Late May or early June 2021 21.6.2021 (Monday)
22.6.2021 (Tuesday)

Training sessions may be postponed in case of severe weather or other special conditions. Applicants concerned will be notified as early as possible in case there is any change to the date/venue of training.

Communication with Shortlisted Applicants:

Each shortlisted applicant will be provided with an activation key by email for accessing all relevant kinds of notification messages on the ONB throughout the recruitment process. When a new message has been posted, applicants will receive a notification email with hyperlink to the message on the ONB. Applicants should provide an active email address in their job applications.


For access to or correction of personal data after submission of the application form or enquiries about recruitment matters, please contact the 2021 Population Census Office at 3428 2516 during office hours (8:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, except public holidays) or by email at

General Notes:

  • Non-civil service vacancies are not posts on the civil service establishment. Candidates appointed are not on civil service terms of appointment and conditions of service. Candidates appointed are not civil servants and will not be eligible for posting, promotion or transfer to any posts in the Civil Service.
  • Terms of appointment and conditions of service to be offered are subject to the provisions prevailing at the time the offer of appointment is made.
  • As an Equal Opportunities Employer, the Government is committed to eliminating discrimination in employment. The vacancy advertised is open to all applicants meeting the basic entry requirement irrespective of their disability, sex, marital status, pregnancy, age, family status, sexual orientation and race.
  • Where a large number of candidates meet the specified entry requirements, the recruiting department may devise shortlisting criteria to select the better qualified candidates for further processing. In these circumstances, only shortlisted candidates will be invited to complete online exercise(s).
  • It is a Government policy to place people with a disability in appropriate jobs wherever possible. If a disabled candidate meets the entry requirements, he/she will be invited to complete online exercise(s) without being subject to any further shortlisting criteria.